16-20 May 2022
America/Toronto timezone

(Multi-)Critical Point, and Potential Realization with infinite Fractal Symmetries

20 May 2022, 13:00


Cenke Xu (University of California, Santa Barbara)


In the last few years the concept of symmetry has been significantly expanded. One exotic example of the generalized symmetries, is the “type-II subsystem symmetry”, where the conserved charge is defined on a fractal sublattice of an ordinary lattice. In this talk we will discuss examples of models with the fractal symmetries. In particular, we will introduce a quantum many-body model with a “Pascal’s triangle symmetry”, which is an infinite series of fractal symmetries, including the better known Sierpinski-triangle fractal symmetry. We will also construct a gapless multicritical point with the Pascal’s triangle symmetry, where the generator of all the fractal symmetries decay with a power-law. If time permits, we will also mention a few potential experimental realizations for models with fractal symmetries.

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