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Perimeter Institute

Amanda Ferneyhough (Perimeter Institute), Laurent Freidel (Perimeter Institute), Stephanie Mohl (Perimeter Institute)

COVID-19 has forced the world to shift on its axis.  During normal times, there would have been an opportunity for new postdocs to meet in person with existing research, new research, and administrative staff.  As an alternative there will now be a “Meet and Greet” hosted online on October 14 and 16.

Each new post-doc will be given a maximum of 10 minutes to introduce themselves to the PI Community.  The time will be used to tell us a little bit about themselves and to showcase their current research.  These presentations are very casual and should not be misconstrued as formal talks.  There will be a 90 minute + session on both days starting at 12:00 and ending around 13:30 EDT.  Additionally, there will be an opportunity to socialize with all staff at the Friday Social on October 16 at 16:00 EDT.  Faculty members will be present at various tables to answer any questions the new postdocs may have about Perimeter.

PIRSA:  PIRSA:C20035 - Postdoc 2020 Welcome


Territorial Land Acknowledgement

Perimeter Institute acknowledges that it is situated on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, and Neutral peoples.

Perimeter Institute is located on the Haldimand Tract. After the American Revolution, the tract was granted by the British to the Six Nations of the Grand River and the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation as compensation for their role in the war and for the loss of their traditional lands in upstate New York. Of the 950,000 acres granted to the Haudenosaunee, less than 5 percent remains Six Nations land. Only 6,100 acres remain Mississaugas of the Credit land.

We thank the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, and Neutral peoples for hosting us on their land.

  • Aaron Szasz
  • Aleksander Kubica
  • Alessia Platania
  • Alex Krolewski
  • Alexandra Castell
  • Ana-Maria Raclariu
  • Angelika Fertig
  • Ashish Shukla
  • Bianca Dittrich
  • Bruno Gimenez Umbert
  • Cristina Mondino
  • Davide Racco
  • Dominik Neuenfeld
  • Elie Wolfe
  • Emilie Huffman
  • Enrico Olivucci
  • Felix Leditzky
  • Flaminia Giacomini
  • Jacob Lin
  • Ji Hoon Lee
  • Jingxiang Wu
  • Job Feldbrugge
  • Junwu Huang
  • Laurent Freidel
  • Lee Smolin
  • Luis Lehner
  • Meenu Kumari
  • Michael Vasmer
  • Modjtaba Shokrian Zini
  • Philippe Allard Guérin
  • Puttarak Jai-akson
  • Qi Hu
  • Raghav Govind Jha
  • Reed Essick
  • Rob Myers
  • Sebastian Johann Wetzel
  • Sergey Sibiryakov
  • Seth Asante
  • Stefanie Czischek
  • Susanne Schander
  • Tomáš Gonda
  • Tony Lee
  • Will Percival
  • William Cunningham
  • William East
  • Yilber Fabian Bautista
  • Zhi Li
  • Wednesday, 14 October
    • 12:00 12:10
      Welcome and Opening Remarks 10m
      Speakers: Jacob Lin (Perimeter Institute), Laurent Freidel (Perimeter Institute), Luis Lehner (Perimeter Institute), Robert Myers (Perimeter Institute)
    • 12:10 12:20
      Introduction to Enrico Olivucci 10m
      Speaker: Enrico Olivucci (Perimeter Institute)
    • 12:20 12:30
      Introduction to Seth Kurankyi Asante 10m
      Speaker: Seth Kurankyi Asante (Perimeter Institute)
    • 12:30 12:40
      Introduction to Cristina Mondino 10m
      Speaker: Cristina Mondino (Perimeter Institute)
    • 12:40 13:00
      Q&A 20m
    • 13:00 13:10
      Introduction to Zhi Li 10m
      Speaker: Zhi Li (Perimeter Institute)
    • 13:10 13:20
      Introduction to Reed Essick 10m
      Speaker: Reed Essick (Perimeter Institute)
    • 13:20 13:30
      Introduction to Ashish Shukla 10m
      Speaker: Ashish Shukla (Perimeter Institute)
    • 13:30 13:50
      Q&A 20m
  • Friday, 16 October
    • 12:00 12:10
      Introduction to Susanne Schander 10m
      Speaker: Susanne Schander (Perimeter Institute)
    • 12:10 12:20
      Introduction to Philippe Allard Guerin 10m
      Speaker: Philippe Allard Guerin (Perimeter Institute)
    • 12:20 12:30
      Introduction to Modjtaba Shokrian-Zini 10m
      Speaker: Modjtaba Shokrian-Zini (Perimeter Institute)
    • 12:30 12:50
      Q&A 20m
    • 12:50 13:00
      Introduction to Alex Krolewski 10m
      Speaker: Alex Krolewski (Perimeter Institute)
    • 13:00 13:10
      Introduction to Ana-Maria Raclariu 10m
      Speaker: Ana-Maria Raclariu (Perimeter Institute)
    • 13:10 13:20
      Introduction to Qi Hu 10m
      Speaker: Qi Hu (Perimeter Institute)
    • 13:20 13:30
      Introduction to Alessia Platania 10m
      Speaker: Alessia Platania (Perimeter Institute)
    • 13:30 13:50
      Q&A 20m
    • 16:00 17:00
      Friday Social 1h