Apr 17 – 21, 2023
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
America/Toronto timezone

Certifying long-range quantum correlations through routed Bell experiments

Apr 20, 2023, 2:00 PM
PI/4-405 - Bob Room (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)

PI/4-405 - Bob Room

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics



Stefano Pironio (Université Libre de Bruxelles)


In a recent paper, Chaturvedi et al considered the interesting idea of routed Bell experiments. These are Bell experiments where Bob can measure his quantum particles at two distinct locations, one close to the source and another far away. This can be accomplished in the lab by using a switch that directs Bob's quantum particle either to the nearby measurement device or to the distant one, depending on a classical input chosen by Bob. Chaturvedi et al argue that there exists in such experiments a tradeoff between short-range and long-range correlations and that high-quality CHSH tests close to the source (which are achievable with current technology) lower the requirements for witnessing nonlocality faraway from the source, and in particular increase their tolerance to particle losses. We critically review their results and present a simple counterexample to it. We then introduce a class of hybrid quantum-classical models, which we refer to as "short-range quantum models". These models suitably capture the tradeoff between short-range and long-range correlations in routed Bell experiments. Using our definition, we explore new nonlocal tests in which high-quality short-range correlations lead to weakened conditions for long-range tests. Although we do find improvements, they are significantly smaller than those claimed by CVP.

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