Mini-Course of Numerical Conformal Bootstrap

PI/3-301 - Alice Room (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)

PI/3-301 - Alice Room

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Aike Liu (California Institute of Technology), Ning Su (Università di Pisa), Pedro Vieira (Perimeter Institute), Yin-Chen He (Perimeter Institute)

This school will be an advanced course on the numerical bootstrap. In the lectures, we will discuss advanced theoretical aspects of numerical bootstrap and algorithms. In the tutorials, we will demonstrate how to use simpleboot/hyperion and help the participants to run bootstrap computation on their own clusters. Main examples are 3D Ising, O(2), O(3), Gross-Neveu-Yukawa CFTs. 

The school will consist of one lecture in the morning and two tutorials in the afternoon (one tutorial for simpleboot (by Ning Su) and another one for hyperion (by Aike Liu).

This event is supported by the Simons Collaboration on The Nonperturbative Bootstrap (

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Perimeter Institute is located on the Haldimand Tract. After the American Revolution, the tract was granted by the British to the Six Nations of the Grand River and the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation as compensation for their role in the war and for the loss of their traditional lands in upstate New York. Of the 950,000 acres granted to the Haudenosaunee, less than 5 percent remains Six Nations land. Only 6,100 acres remain Mississaugas of the Credit land. 

We thank the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, and Neutral peoples for hosting us on their land.

  • Adar Sharon
  • Akshat Pandey
  • Alessandro Piazza
  • Alessandro Vichi
  • Alexandre Homrich
  • Alexei Blatov
  • Andrea Cavaglia`
  • Benoit Sirois
  • Bo Wang
  • Colin Nancarrow
  • Deliang Zhong
  • Dongyu Hong
  • Eitoku Watanabe
  • Filipe Serrano
  • Francesco Bertucci
  • Francesco Russo
  • Francisco Zuniga Frias
  • Ilya Gruzberg
  • Jaychandran Padayasi
  • Jeremy Mann
  • Jianyu Gong
  • Johan Henriksson
  • Joshua Sandor
  • Julius Julius
  • Junchen Rong
  • Justin Kulp
  • Keke Zhang
  • Ken Kikuchi
  • Lento Nagano
  • Lorenzo Quintavalle
  • Masahito Yamazaki
  • Michelangelo Preti
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  • Nika Sokolova
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  • Zhihao Duan
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  • Zhuohui Wang
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