QPV 2023: Advances in quantum position verification

Adrian Kent (University of Cambridge), Alex May (Perimeter Institute)

Quantum position verification (QPV) schemes use the properties of quantum information and the relativistic signalling bound to verify the location of an object (sometimes called a “tag”) to distant observers in an environment that may contain would-be spoofers. The guarantee is based on the assumptions of the underlying security model; various theoretically and practically interesting security models have been proposed. The area is attracting increasing interest, with new theoretical developments in security analyses, emerging experimental studies of QPV systems, and recently discovered surprising and intriguing connections to topics in quantum gravity. A workshop on QPV will be held at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

The workshop will cover topics related to all aspects of QPV, including, but not limited to:

  • Theoretical developments related to the security of QPV schemes, including development or refinement of security models, proofs of security within given models, tradeoffs between security and efficiency, and Experimental studies of QPV and theoretical work aimed at developing practical QPV schemes.
  • QPV’s relationship to other cryptographic tasks and primitives.
  • QPV’s relationship to holography and quantum gravity.


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  • Adrian Kent
  • Alex May
  • Andreas Bluhm
  • Angela Capel Cuevas
  • Anne Broadbent
  • Barbara Soda
  • Beni Yoshida
  • Bruno Giménez Umbert
  • Caroline Lima
  • Damián Pitalúa-García
  • Daniel Centeno Diaz
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  • Debbie Leung
  • Emanuel-Cristian Boghiu
  • Eric Chitamber
  • Florian Speelman
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  • Hlér Kristjánsson
  • Ian George
  • Jasminder Sidhu
  • Jiayue Yang
  • Kfir Dolev
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  • Llorenc Escola Farras
  • Lucien Hardy
  • Manasi Shingane
  • Maria Ciudad Alañón
  • Ningping Cao
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