Waterloo-Munich Joint Workshop

PI/1-100 - Theatre (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)

PI/1-100 - Theatre

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Anca Ionescu (MCQST), Sonya Gzyl (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics), Tatjana Wilk (MCQST), Tim Hsieh (Perimeter Institute)

Join us for a pioneering joint workshop between renowned research institutions in Munich and Waterloo! This exciting event will focus on the topic of quantum simulation, with additional talks delving into various subjects of quantum science and technology. Designed to include researchers across different levels, from group leaders, postdoctoral fellows, and PhD students, this inaugural collaboration aims to unite scientists from both locations, fostering valuable networking opportunities and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to connect, exchange ideas, and shape the future of quantum research together!


In Person Participants
PI Residents and Associate Researchers
Registration for Invited Speakers
  • Alex Turzillo
  • Alexandre Cooper-Roy
  • Annabelle Bohrdt
  • Archishna Bhattacharyya
  • Barbara Kraus
  • Benjamin Schiffer
  • Carolin Calcagno
  • Chong Wang
  • Christine Muschik
  • Daniel Molpeceres
  • Emilie Huffman
  • Emiliia Dyrenkova
  • Emily Wright
  • Esha Swaroop
  • Fabian Grusdt
  • Farzin Salek
  • Friedrich Sbresny
  • Giovanni Canossa
  • Hannah Lange
  • Hendrik Timme
  • Hyo Jung Park
  • Ignacio Cirac
  • Isabel Nha Minh Le
  • Jacopo De Santis
  • Jiayue Yang
  • Johannes Zeiher
  • Kai Mueller
  • Kevin Mours
  • Kohdai Kuroiwa
  • Leonardo Lessa
  • Luca Muscarella
  • Lukas Brenner
  • Lukas Hanschke
  • Marc Langer
  • Matthew Duschenes
  • Melissa Will
  • Michael Vasmer
  • Miguel Frias Perez
  • Nadeem Akhlaq
  • Ningping Cao
  • Philipp Preiss
  • Reinis Irmejs
  • Rob Myers
  • Roger Melko
  • Simon Mathias Linsel
  • Sirui Lu
  • Sisi Zhou
  • Stefan Filipp
  • Tim Hsieh
  • Ulrich Schollwoeck
  • Yushao Chen
  • Zachary Mann
  • Zahra Khanian
  • Zheng Shi
  • Zhi Li
  • +5