Perimeter Institute

Perimeter Institute

Amanda Ferneyhough (Perimeter Institute), Matthew Johnson (Perimeter Institute & York University), Stephanie Mohl (Perimeter Institute)

As COVID-19 continues to impose gathering restrictions, the “Postdoc Welcome 2021” will again be held as a virtual event this year and will be hosted on Thursday, October 28 and Friday, October 29. Each new postdoc will be given 5 minutes to introduce themselves to the PI Community.  The time will be used to tell us a little bit about themselves and to showcase their current research.  These presentations are very casual and should not be misconstrued as formal talks. Some discussion will follow the presentations, whereby current PI Residents may have the opportunity to ask questions.

There will be two 60-minute sessions:
Thursday, October 28: 12:00 – 1:00 pm
Friday, October 29: 11:30 – 12:30 pm


Territorial Land Acknowledgement

Perimeter Institute acknowledges that it is situated on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, and Neutral peoples.

Perimeter Institute is located on the Haldimand Tract. After the American Revolution, the tract was granted by the British to the Six Nations of the Grand River and the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation as compensation for their role in the war and for the loss of their traditional lands in upstate New York. Of the 950,000 acres granted to the Haudenosaunee, less than 5 percent remains Six Nations land. Only 6,100 acres remain Mississaugas of the Credit land.

We thank the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, and Neutral peoples for hosting us on their land.

  • Aaron Szasz
  • Adam Solomon
  • Alex Krolewski
  • Amanda Ferneyhough
  • Ana-Maria Raclariu
  • Anna Knörr
  • Athanasios Kogios
  • Barbara Soda
  • Ben Webster
  • Bruno Gimenez Umbert
  • Bruno Torres
  • Carlo Rovelli
  • Céline Zwikel
  • Diego Delmastro
  • Ding Jia
  • Dominik Neuenfeld
  • Dustin Lang
  • Elie Wolfe
  • Emilie Huffman
  • Erik Schnetter
  • Fil Simovic
  • Gang Xu
  • Geoffrey Ryan
  • Jacob Lin
  • Jaime Redondo Yuste
  • Jessica Muir
  • Jingxiang Wu
  • Jinmin Yi
  • Jonathan Wang
  • Justin Kulp
  • Kaan Arikan
  • Kevin Costello
  • Latham Boyle
  • Lei Gioia Yang
  • Liujun Zou
  • Maite Dupuis
  • Marc Schiffer
  • Matheus Hostert
  • Matt Fox
  • Matthew Duschenes
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Maxence Corman
  • Meenu Kumari
  • Michael Vasmer
  • Michele Mosca
  • Monika Lenkiewicz
  • Neal Dalal
  • Olga Papadoulaki
  • Paul Smith
  • Philippe Allard Guérin
  • Puttarak Jai-akson
  • Richard Bloch
  • Richard Derryberry
  • Rob Myers
  • Sangam Pandey
  • Sebastian Wetzel
  • Simon Foreman
  • Stephanie Mohl
  • Suvodip Mukherjee
  • Taillte May
  • Tsung-Cheng (Peter) Lu
  • William East
  • Xinyu Li
  • Yong Zhang