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  • PI- Training

Perimeter's Graduate Courses (PSI & PhD) are organized by subcategories.Subcategories are the course titles under the appropriate Year & Course Type subcategory. Course Names use the naming convention: Course Name (Level), Course Number, Course Start and End Date, e.g., Numerical Methods (Core), PHYS 777, January 8 – February 8, 2024.

Individual lectures or tutorials are under the appropriate Course Title Subcategory and are usually Event Type = Lecture for that series. Seminars should be created using Event Type = Lecture.

Courses and their lectures are listed on the Perimeter website, Kiosks and PI Universe email. Lectures are usually recorded and published to PIRSA. Creation of new courses and lectures is restricted to the PI Training admin team. Contact the Helpdesk or the PI Training team to create a new course.

Categories in Graduate Courses