Sep 18 – 22, 2023
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Respectful Environment Code of Conduct

At Perimeter Institute, we strongly believe that our community and our science benefit when everyone feels safe to contribute and empowered to do so.

Together, as a community of students, researchers, staff, volunteers, and visitors, we strive to provide a respectful environment in which all individuals feel safe and welcomed.

Each member is accountable for contributing to an environment that is free from:

  • Verbal, physical, or sexual harassment, violence, and/or discrimination
  • Intimidation and bullying
  • Microaggressions, which are comments or other interactions that show bias or reflect stereotypes


An action or a decision that treats an individual or group unequally or poorly based on any of the “protected grounds” covered by the Ontario Human Rights Code: age, ancestry, colour, race, citizenship, ethnic origin, place of origin, creed, disability, family status, marital status, gender identity, gender expression, receipt of public assistance, record of offences, sex, or sexual orientation.


A physical or verbal behaviour that offends or humiliates another person and is known or ought to be known to be unwelcome. It is a form of discrimination. Harassment typically involves behaviour that is repeated over a period of time; however, a serious incident that occurs only once can also be considered harassment.


Any act in which a person is abused, threatened, intimidated, or assaulted.

Sexual Harassment

Any uninvited and unwanted comment, gesture, or action that is directed at a person because of their actual or perceived sex, gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation, where the comment, gesture, or action is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome. Making a sexual solicitation or advance where the person making the solicitation or advance is in a position to confer, grant, or deny a benefit or advancement to the other person is also considered sexual harassment.

Sexual Assault

Is defined as any contact of a sexual nature that violates the survivor’s sexual integrity. Any sexual activity – from touching to penetration – that takes place without freely given permission or consent is sexual assault.

Bullying and Intimidation

Acts or verbal comments that could psychologically or 'mentally' hurt or isolate a person. Bullying usually involves repeated incidents or a pattern of behaviour that is intended to intimidate, offend, degrade or humiliate a particular person or group of people. It has also been described as the assertion of power through aggression.


A comment or action that subtly and often unconsciously or unintentionally expresses a prejudiced attitude toward a member of a marginalized group

Perimeter expects all members of our community to:

  • Think before we speak and act, considering how our words and actions might be received
  • Consciously check our words and behaviours to ensure we do not exclude individuals or groups
  • Contribute to the culture of inclusivity, equity, diversity, and accessibility
  • Refuse to participate in actions that offend, embarrass, or humiliate others
  • Speak up when we see behaviour that makes people feel unsafe or unwelcome
  • Ensure our words, actions, and policies do not discriminate based on any category protected by the Ontario Human Rights Code – this includes age, race, ancestry, citizenship, ethnic origin, place of origin, creed, disability, family status, marital status, gender identity, gender expression, sex, or sexual orientation

Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated and will be addressed accordingly.

If you experience, witness, or suspect discrimination, harassment, or violence, your options for reporting include:

Applicable Legislation

Ontario Human Rights Code:
Occupational Health and Safety Act: