14-18 June 2021
America/Toronto timezone

Whatever the final theory of quantum gravity turns out to be, it will need to reconcile the incongruent ways in which time appears in quantum mechanics and general relativity. Quantum mechanics treats time as a classical background parameter, which is different than the way other observables, such as position and momentum, are treated. In stark contrast, general relativity promotes time to a dynamical quantity in the sense that Einstein’s equations relate how clocks behave in relative motion or differing gravitational fields. The aim of this conference is to discuss the full consequences of treating time as a quantum phenomena in light of the recent progress on information-theoretic and operational descriptions of time as quantum observable. Topics discussed will include indefinite causal structures, the Page-Wootters formalism, relational quantum mechanics, quantum reference frames, the problem of time, and experimental implications.

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9:40-10:20 Talk 2 Talk 8 Talk 13 Talk 18
10:20-11:00 Talk 3 Talk 9 Talk 14 Talk 19
11:00-11:30 Break Break Break Break
11:30-12:10 Talk 4 Talk 10 Talk 15 Talk 20
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NEW - Friday added to conference to allow for contributed talks.

9:00-10:30 6 Contributed Talks from Online Registrants     
10:30 – 10:50 Breaks
10:50 – 12:20 6 Contributed Talks from Online Registrants
12:20 – 14:00 Discussion/Networking/Good-Bye



Due to an overwhelming online response, the organizers have decided to extend the conference by one day to allow for contributed talks.  If you are interested in potentially participating in this opportunity, please submit a talk title and abstract. Abstracts will be reviewed, and twelve submissions will be selected; each speaker will be given 12 minutes to showcase their research and another 3 minutes to answer questions.  Please submit your application by Friday, May 1 so that the organizers may make a decision regarding speakers.  If you are unable to speak on Friday, June 18, we kindly request that you do not ask to present your research as this will be the only day available for contributed talks.

Application for this event is currently open.