Jun 14 – 18, 2021
America/Toronto timezone

Disordered Causality

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Marina Cortes (University of Lisbon)


I describe a new form of retrocausality, which is found in a class of causal set theories, called energetic causal sets (ECS). We have found these have three orders: (1) a birth order, which is the order in which events are generated; this is a total order which is the true causal order, (2) a dynamical partial order, which prescribes the flows of energy and momentum amongst events, (3) an emergent causal order, which is defined by the geometry of an emergent Minkowski spacetime, in which the events of the causal sets are embedded. However we found that the embedding of the events into the emergent spacetime may not preserve the causal order of the causal set. This means that the arrows of causality of the underlying causal set and that of the embedding may be opposed to each other. We have named this disordered causality.

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