Anna Heffernan (Perimeter Institute & University of Guelph), Beatrice Bonga (Radboud University Nijmegen), Daniel Siegel (Perimeter Institute & University of Guelph), Eric Poisson (University of Guelph), Erik Schnetter (Perimeter Institute ), Huan Yang (Perimeter Institute & University of Guelph), Luis Lehner (Perimeter Institute )

The Capra meeting is an annual workshop on the topic of radiation reaction in general relativity. The primary focus of these workshops is the development of self-force techniques to model extreme mass ratio inspirals and further our understanding of the two-body problem in General Relativity. This is done in synergy with other well known modeling techniques such as post-Newtonian theory and numerical relativity. The canonical example of an extreme mass-ratio Inspiral (EMRI) is the inspiral of a stellar-mass compact object into a supermassive black hole. Gravitational waves from these systems are a promising target for the future space-based detector LISA, which is currently scheduled to launch in 2032 by the European Space Agency with NASA. The study of radiation reaction and self force is not limited to EMRIs, and a range of topics and applications to other areas of gravitational physics have been discussed at past Capra meetings; an example is the scattering of massive particles, which is currently of active interest. The format of the meeting will be an amalgamation of short contributed talks, (organized) discussion sessions and a daily invited review talk. Given the current pandemic, the conference will take place online. Following the Capra tradition, there will be no registration fee.

An approximate schedule for the meeting is as follows:

EDT Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri
8:00 Plen. Talk Plen. Talk Plen. Talk Plen. Talk Plen. Talk
8:40 Cont. Talk Cont. Talk Cont. Talk Cont. Talk Cont. Talk
9:30 Break Break Break Break Break
9:50 Cont. Talks Cont. Talks Cont. Talks Cont. Talks Cont. Talks
11:20 Break Break Break Break Break
12:20 Disc. Sess. Disc. Sess. Disc. Sess. Disc. Sess. Disc. Sess.

At Capra, we provide equal opportunities regardless of gender, age, race, disability, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, civil status, or family status.  We urge all those with an interest in research on self-force and extreme mass-ratio inspirals to register for this meeting and submit an abstract for a presentation. Past and current attendees should encourage a broad spectrum of their colleagues to apply.

The 24th CAPRA Meeting Registration
  • Aadarsh Mehta
  • Aaron Zimmerman
  • Andrea Antonelli
  • Areeba Merriam
  • Barry Wardell
  • Benliang Li
  • Bernard Whiting
  • Beyhan Karakaş
  • Béatrice Bonga
  • Carlos F. Sopuerta
  • Charalampos Markakis
  • Daniel Siegel
  • David Cómbita
  • David Kubiznak
  • Eduard Larrañaga
  • Erik Schnetter
  • Eunice Omwoyo
  • Eva Hackmann
  • Gabriel Vidal
  • Gaurav Khanna
  • Hamideh Hosseini
  • Jan Steinhoff
  • Jonathan Thompson
  • Jonathan Thornburg
  • Jose Agustín Lozano Torres
  • Karima Shahzad
  • Katie Rink
  • Leanne Durkan
  • Lorenzo Speri
  • Ludovico Machet
  • Maarten van de Meent
  • Mekhi Dhesi
  • Mikhail Solon
  • Nils Siemonsen
  • Oliver Long
  • Ollie Burke
  • Paul Ramond
  • Pawan Kumar Gupta
  • Priti Gupta
  • Rafia Sarwar
  • Rajeev Singh
  • Rajesh Kumar Dubey
  • RIcardo Mosna
  • Richard Brito
  • Saboura Zamani
  • Sahil Ugale
  • Sanved Kolekar
  • Sarp Akcay
  • Shabeeb Alalawi
  • Sk Jahanur Hoque
  • Sobhan Kazempour Ishka
  • Stefano Ansoldi
  • Subhayu Bagchi
  • Subhodeep Sarkar
  • Syed Naqvi
  • T.S.Sachin Venkatesh
  • Umair Hassan
  • Umair Hassan
  • Umama Rizwan
  • Vahid Toomani
  • Val Anthony Balagon
  • Vesselin Gueorguiev
  • Xuefeng Feng
  • Zachary Nasipak
Stephanie Mohl
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